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Water Goo

Displayed on main page: March 10th
Taken off main page: still displayed
Template used for snippet: {{featured/3}}

Water Goo is a type of goo that appears in World of Goo. As a goo, its' primary function is to help with building. Because this type of goo can only attach to one spot, it makes it valuable for building single strands of goo downwards. This ability is featured prominently in Drool. It is one of the least useful goo; it mainly is just used for making chains, which nearly any goo can be used for. Yet, it is useful in levels that don't have any other kinds of stuctural goo.(more)

Eyeball Goo

Displayed on main page: December 24th
Taken off main page: March 10th
Template used for snippet: {{featured/2}}
Eyeball Goo are a type of goo found in the video game World of Goo. They appear in but one level, Regurgitation Pumping Station, the last level of Chapter 1. They have nearly the same abilites as Balloon Goo; that is, they can attach to structures and give them significant lift. It should be noted, however, that these goo technically have more lifting power than Balloon Goo, as referenced in the final cutscene. In another difference from Balloon Goo, these goo will fall through structures and not move around on them. They are also notably larger than Balloon Goo. (more)

Beauty Goo

Displayed on main page: November 14th 2008
Taken off main page: December 24th 2008
Template used for snippet: {{featured/1}}
Beauty Goo are a special type of goo found in World of Goo. They have the extra ability to be broken down into numerous smaller goos that are often used for collection in their own special pipe. Beauty Goos come in two colors, pink and a sandy, light-brown color. The game implies heavily that the pink versions are prettier and better, and that the uglier brown ones should be used for sacrificial acts to help the pink version, as referenced in Genetic Sorting Machine. (more)

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