Some of World of Goo Wiki's articles may be poorly written, not look nice, or have many grammatical errors. However, these articles can be fixed by having a cleanup.

What is a cleanup?

A cleanup is exactly what the name says. It is a a method of cleaning up an article so that its quality will improve. Pages which look messy, have many grammatical errors, or which are poorly written can be listed as requiring a cleanup. Users will see that these pages are in need of assistance and will work on them to improve them.

Marking articles for cleanup

When you've found a page that requires a cleanup, you can then add the cleanup template. At the top of the page, simply add {{cleanup}}. Doing so will create this template at the top of the page:

This article may require a cleanup for the following reason(s): Reason for adding template here (Tagged: Date tagged here)

You can also add the page to the cleanup category by adding [[Category:Articles in need of cleanup]] at the bottom of the page. If the article is very large, then it might be a good choice to mention of the article's talk page that it is in need of a cleanup and explain why.

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