The Goo structure in the level Whistler is an example of wall clinging, where the legs of Goo are created with an object separating them.

Wall clinging is a technique present in World of Goo. Wall clinging is a simple means of connecting goos that have a wall between them. The best place for practice is The Red Carpet, as you have numerous Green Goo for mistakes, and two landscapes for clinging. Wall clinging is never required, however it makes an appearance in the level Whistler.

How to

To wall cling, two goo balls must be pressed flat upon a thin wall. It's similar to just building a square on the ground: the bottom two goo are the flat surface, and the ground is the thin wall. Provided you can get a goo onto the other side of the wall, take one to the other side, and press it against the wall and let go. If done correctly, it should connect to the other goos through the wall.

For example, in The Red Carpet, you can build a tower over into the gap that leads to the waterfall, and then start removing goos from the tiny platform. Begin building upwards, and when you reach the top, place a goo on the horizontal platform just before the gear. This ensures that the structure will not fall, and that you can hang by on just that one goo, and begin removing the goos from the side wall, and build midair to the pipe. Further building into the pipe area and outside of that will result in a sturdier structure.


Using wall clinging and green goo, you can travel far distances, and recycle goo along the way. This is useful when trying to make a single strand of (usually) green goo at a pipe and having it hang midair.

A very valuable use is to take one goo in The Server Farm and place it in the center under the platform. This will assist greatly in making sure your structure does not collapse.

It can also be used in Blustery Day so instead of going over the windmill, it's possible to make the structure go below it through the base, thus shortening the length of the structure.

Along with Goo throwing, it is vital for a very different approach to Upper Shaft's OCD. So, instead of Using the bomb, you can use wall clinging to build a bridge to the pipe through a complex (yet reliable) strategy.


Wall clinging appears only once in levels: Whistler. In this, the goos are all neatly wound around a thin structure. This is an example of wall clinging.


  • Wall clinging is named after the Super Smash Bros. Brawl technique, wall clinging.

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