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The Mighty Blimp is an easter egg that you can find after completing the Epilogue on iOS versions of World of Goo.

After triggering the easter egg, you appear on a dusty road. Move the camera to the right, and you find a shack, with a pair of eyes inside, and a sign that says "99 Cents". Gears rotate behind it, and a sign on top says "OPEN". After a humorous conversation with the owner, you can "buy" an object, that many reviews call horrible. The shopkeeper itself even says that no one should buy it. If you do buy it, it comes up from the right- The MIGHTY BLIMP. The blimp itself is somewhat small, and red. After buying it, it appears around the main menu like another level, however when selected, it just shows the blimp tailing a banner that says "I bought a blimp".

World of goo 001


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