Goo Glitch by OneBlindDragon

OneBlindDragon's screenshots of the easter egg.

The telescope easter egg is an easter egg in the level Observatory Observation Station of the Epilogue. It was discovered by 2D Boy forum user OneBlindDragon.

Easy to perform, I found this a week or two ago. On the final level put all the fish on the top of the telescope, leave one behind. Once done, use the last one and splash it in the water to the RIGHT of the island for about one minute. Easily done, now watch the island fall apart and float away piece by piece. I'll post pictures later. For more fun, unbalance the island with the last fish balloon and watch the island tilt skyward.

—Posted by OneBlindDragon on January 17, 2009, at the 2D Boy forums

The easter egg involves attaching all Fish but one and waiting. After about thirty seconds, the Fish attached to the telescope will fly away with the telescope, with the pole the telescope was attached to dangling behind. After about 25 seconds later, the entire island will rise up at a tilted angle.