Super Fuse Challenge Time
Super Fuse Challenge Time title
Super Fuse Challenge Time
Appears in Chapter 3
Tagline “everyone's a winner*”
Goal Android: 9 Goos
iOS: 10 Goos
OCD Android: ≥18 Goos
iOS: ≥32 Goos
Time bugs No
Objects Thick clouds
Hazards Fire
Music “Tumbler”
Previous level Second Hand Smoke
Next level Upper Shaft
They can do this the easy way or the hard way. Either way, everyone's a winner!* (*according to recent online polls). But some winners are bigger than other winners.

—the statistically fantastic Sign Painter
[Super Fuse Challenge Time]

Super Fuse Challenge Time is a level in the video game World of Goo. It is the third level of Chapter 3. In this level, a long string of Red Goos at the bottom of the level is ignited, making the flame move upwards, slowly destroying the structure. Players must use Red Goo to quickly build a structure which reaches the red pipe and clouds where Small Beauty Goos sleep to wake them up so they could start moving to exit before fire reaches the base of a structure, causing the whole structure to collapse and be destroyed. Fortunately, the amount of Red Goos are large and thick clouds help to stabilize the structure. Speed forms the basis of this level, as the player must build a structure before the fire spreads to it.


The time limit should have nothing on a newbie-made-pro like you. Simply build up and there'll be 3 clouds on the way up, enough to complete the level.

OCD Strategy

You're on your own for this one. It's pretty much widely agreed to be the hardest and cheapest OCD in the game. I've seen some weird techniques on ways to do it, but I couldn't pull them off. If you can't use them, you'll just have to build your way up almost blindly and hope the tower doesn't collapse or you run out of time. The level is still pretty much impossible without a large base, though, so throw that together as quick as possible, and do your best to reach every cloud in the level. Good luck.


  • In the iOS version and after downloading the iOS Easter Eggs in GooFans, you can see Super Meat Boy from his game of the same name.

Video strategy

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