Fly Away Little Ones

Structure floating is the key element in finishing the level Fly Away Little Ones.

Structure floating is a technique present in World of Goo. It allows small goo structures to float and move while levitating by using only one to few Balloon Goos depending the size of the structure and number of Goos attached to it. It has to be used in Fly Away Little Ones. In other levels it's optional and generally much harder to execute but is generally helpful to achieve or even surpass OCDs in some levels. Manipulating floating structures is slow and it generally takes a lot of time to reach destination.


  • Can be used to reach sleeping Goos, making them wake up and attach to structure.
  • Can be used to reach the end pipe without a continuous structure from starting point and thus using less Goo Balls.

How to

  • To create a structure small enough to make it float with one or two balloons, it has to be separated from the rest of the structure. Gears, blades and spikes have to be used. It's fairly difficult to execute and may require precision, timing and one or more Balloon Goos.
  • The size of the separated structure can vary from 2 to 6-7 or sometimes more Goos. With help of a Balloon, this structure is able to float. Pay that in mind that the larger the structure is and the more Goo Balls are on it, the more Balloons it requires to float.
  • To move the structure, Balloons have to be attached and detached constantly by attaching them in direction where player wants to move. It can also be moved with a Goo throwing technique.

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