Small Beauty Goo being sucked into a red pipe. The edge of the pipe can just be seen

A red pipe! It appears to be very exclusive. Only certain types of Goo are allowed to enter.

the Sign Painter
[Beauty School]

The red pipe is a special pipe found in World of Goo levels. It is notable for its red coloring and its inability to collect any Goo other than Small Beauty Goo. It is only found in levels that have Beauty Goo or Small Beauty Goo. It first appears in Beauty School. Red pipes are often used in levels where large amounts of Goo Balls are needed to complete the level, and having a pipe that accepted all these Goos would allow a player to ignore the Beauty Goo and Small Beauty Goo. Red pipes appear in Chapter 2 and Chapter 3.

List of levels with red pipes

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Remember that while red pipes only appear in levels with Beauty Goo and Small Beauty Goo, these types of Goo often appear in levels without a red pipe.


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