Goo today
Regurgitation Pumping Station

This is a list of quotes and slogans in the video game World of Goo. Most of the items on this list are either recurring lines in the game or appear as promotional material.

The Sign Painter

The Sign Painter leaves many signs behind, which create most of the dialogue in the game. Some of the more well-known lines include:

(seen in Regurgitation Pumping Station, Genetic Sorting Machine, Product Launcher, Deliverance, and Observatory Observation Station)
(seen in Regurgitation Pumping Station, The World of Goo Corporation Memorial and Recreational Center, and Infesty the Worm)
(seen in You Have To Explode The Head and advertisements)


Three levels use the a tagline beginning with:

(seen in Flying Machine, Genetic Sorting Machine, and Second Hand Smoke)


In World of Goo Corporation and some levels, there are billboards displaying simple phrases, often puns. One of the most notable billboards is the one proclaiming the launch of Product Z. These include:

  • “It tastes so goo-d!”
  • “What do you want to GOO today?”
  • “Product Z. Coming 'soon'”

Additionally, a billboard with the word “Succulent!” appears in Regurgitation Pumping Station.


  • “Let's go shopping!” (said by a customer in cutscenes and advertisements).
  • “The Goos don't know that they are in a game, or that they are extremely delicious.” (used in advertisements, and based off a quote by the Sign Painter)