Pipe hanging

Pipe hanging on Leap Hole

Pipe hanging is a technique present in World of Goo. Pipe hanging is a means of leaving two connected goos (a line) at a pipe, and using the suction force of the pipe to keep the structure sustained midair. This technique is especially useful in levels like Tumbler and Chain, but required in Leap Hole. Pipe hanging is not too common, usually only being used for completing OCD standards, but nonetheless fun to accomplish.


As stated above, pipe hanging is useful for using only two goos and still be connected to the pipe. This makes it possible to take down Green Goo structures and recycle the balls into the pipe.

How to

The best place to practice pipe hanging is Leap Hole, the only level that requires the technique. First, build up to the pipe. Then slowly remove goo balls in a fashion that will leave you with a line. When you have the end of the line at the pipe, then another goo ball, and finally another connected to the rest of the structure, remove the third goo, and you will be left with the goo line left dangling at the pipe. Proceed to detach the rest of the structure and place the remaining goo balls on the line to be collected. After all goo balls have been collected, detach the one that is hanging to collect the one nearer to the pipe.


While pipe hanging is most effective with one line of goo, it can also be achieved with a line of three or four goos. This method is not recommended, as the pipe's suction force is equivalent to about a Balloon Goo's lifting power, and therefore cannot lift heavier objects. The largest mass a pipe can hold that way by default is when number of nodes and legs won't exceed 10.

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