L goo

Launch Goos are highly dependent on momentum

Momentum is one of the physics-based aspects of World of Goo. Momentum should not be confused with Speed, which refers only to how quickly something moves. Momentum refers to how much force an object's movement has. Objects with lots of momentum will go farther before stopping/falling and travel at greater speeds. Thus, an object's momentum determines its speed, and force determines momentum.


  • In Tower of Goo or World of Goo Corporation, an unbalanced tower will gain momentum and start to wobble, if the momentum is too great, it will tip all the way over and fall.
  • Goo Throwing, as well as propelling Launch Goo and Infected Goo, is highly dependent on momentum.
  • Momentum is what causes strings of goo to swing when they are hit by Launch Goo or Infected Goo

Effects of momentum

Newton's Third Law of Motion states that for any action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Basically, this means that if one object (A) with momentum hits another object (B), whether moving or stationary, object B will gain momentum as well, and be propelled forward (this principle forms the basics of Goo Throwing). This also means that object A, upon the collision, will be pushed back.