It says... 'This area is infected. Keep out.'

Infected water is a type of liquid found in World of Goo. By launching a Launch Goo into the water, it will turn into an Infected Goo, hence the name of the Goo and liquid. The fluid exists in only one level, Grape Vine Virus of Chapter 4.

In Grape Vine Virus, by launching a Launch Goo into the water, it will turn red in color, and go up a shaft and pop out as an Infected Goo.

All other times Infected Goo are found, they are already infected, and the infected water in not used beyond this level. Infected water is a helper, as it is necessary to complete the level. But it can also be a hindrance, as the liquid can infect Goos that must be collected. Once Goo Balls are infected they can chain to other Infected Goo.

Infected water can only infect one type of Goo, the Launch Goo, it is never exposed to any other types of Goo, however, with the level editor, you can experiment with the infected water. Not many properties of it are differ to normal water.

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