Impale Sticky
Imaple Sticky title
Impale Sticky
Appears in Chapter 1
Tagline “if you get in trouble, just go back in time”
Goal 26 Goos
OCD 42+ Goos
Time bugs Yes
Objects Water
Hazards Blades
Music “Brave Adventurers”
Previous level Hang Low
Next level Ivy Towers
The Goo Balls were excited to explore the mysterious pipe system even if it meant traversing ridiculously contrived terrain. One of the goo balls seemed to say he felt like an armadillo. Moo!

—love, the mysterious Sign Painter
[Impale Sticky]

Impale Sticky is a level in the video game World of Goo. It is the fourth level of Chapter 1. In this level, players must use Black Goo to build a structure around a ledge to reach the sleeping Goo and the pipe, while avoiding two blades that will pop any Goo they touch. This level also introduces time bugs, as referenced by the in-game level description: "If you get in trouble, just go back in time!" In addition, this level has a strong airflow which drags all the objects to the right side of the screen. Airflow and water are their strongest at the left side of the screen.

Video strategy

World Of Goo 1-04 OCD Impale Sticky (43 Collected)01:29

World Of Goo 1-04 OCD Impale Sticky (43 Collected)

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