Graphic Processing Unit
Graphic Processing Unit title
Graphic Processing Unit
Appears in Chapter 4
Tagline “unauthorized upgrade mod”
Goal 6 Goos
OCD ≥12 Goos
Time bugs No
Music “Graphic Processing Unit”
Previous level Grape Vine Virus
Next level Road Blocks
That must be the thing that renders all the graphics. The creative heart of the Information Superhighway. Once it's upgraded, the manual says it will offer 256 stunning colors! But my favorite color will always be green.

—the Virtual Sign Painter
[Graphic Processing Unit]

Graphic Processing Unit is a level in the video game World of Goo. It is the fourth level of Chapter 4. Here, Infected Goo must be launched to extend a structure enough in order to reach a pipe and then Goos must be launched into the structure to reach the pipe. The Launch Goos must be used to wake up the sleeping Infected Goos. What makes this level possible is the gravity field around the central sphere, which causes Goos to orbit it.


Launch a Launch Goo down-left or down-right and keep an eye on it. Hope it wakes up the Infected Goo. Launch those and eventually you should get to the pipe,

OCD Strategy

after which you can make sure none of them touch the unit or the nearby blade. You need every Launch Goo in the pipe for a successful OCD.


  • Like most levels in Chapter 4, the name of the level refers to an actual component in a computer (as Chapter 4 is basically a large desktop). A GPU is used for graphics on actual computers.

Video strategy

Solution: Graphic Processing Unit (Chapter 4)

World of Goo Walkthrough Chapter 4, Part 4 - Graphic Processing Unit01:25

World of Goo Walkthrough Chapter 4, Part 4 - Graphic Processing Unit

OCD solution: Graphic Processing Unit (Chapter 4)

World of Goo Graphic Processing Unit OCD (12)01:40

World of Goo Graphic Processing Unit OCD (12)

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