Drool title
Appears in Chapter 2
Tagline “welcome back”
New Goos Water Goo
Goal 10 Goos
OCD ≥24 Goos
Time bugs No
Objects Water
Hazards Spikes
Music “Another Mysterious Pipe Appeared”
Previous level Regurgitation Pumping Station
Next level Fly Away Little Ones
I'm back! And just in time! There's a drop of water dangling from that cliff... and I think it might be alive... Yuck. I'm not touching it.

—the long lost Sign Painter

Drool is a level in the video game World of Goo. It is the first level of Chapter 2. In this level, the player is introduced to Water Goo and must use it to build structures hanging downward in order to reach both the exit pipe and some sleeping Green Goo.

Video strategy

Solution: Drool (Chapter 2)

World of Goo Walkthrough Chapter 2, Part 1 - Drool02:08

World of Goo Walkthrough Chapter 2, Part 1 - Drool

OCD solution: Drool (Chapter 2)

World of Goo Drool OCD (25)01:25

World of Goo Drool OCD (25)

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