Corporation Goo
(Drained / DrainedIsh)
First appearance World of Goo Corporation
Color Gray
Abilities Detachable
Max attachments Two

Corporation Goo is the tentative name for the type of Goo found in the World of Goo Corporation subgame and its variants. Corporation Goo is similar in appearance to Black Goo and, in one variation of the subgame, Bright Green Goo. It has a max attachment of two, like Black Goo and Red Goo, but is detachable like Green Goo. This has lead some to refer to it as a hybrid of Black and Green Goo. The Goo appears to be drained, suggesting that World of Goo Corporation has drained them. Another example can be seen in Beauty and the Electric Tentacle, where a variation of Water Goo is used, which also appears to be drained.

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