Bulletin Board System
Bulletin Board System title
Bulletin Board System
Appears in Chapter 4
Tagline “packet loss mitigation operation”
Goal 4 Goos
OCD 13+ Goos
Time bugs No
Hazards Blades
Music “Welcome to the Information Superhighway”
Previous level Hello, World
Next level Grape Vine Virus
This place is falling apart... But the Information Superhighway isn't all green, you know. It used to be beautiful. The video drivers must need upgrading. I bet we'll be able to tighten up the graphics around level three.

—the Virtual Sign Painter
[Bulletin Board System]

Bulletin Board System is a level in the video game World of Goo. It is the second level of Chapter 4. It is similar to Hello, World but the level design is more difficult, having to use Launch Goo between four structures before making it to the exit. In addition, there are several blades and strong wind blows to the left. This wind is strong enough that the level appears to have sideways gravity.

Video strategy

World Of Goo 4-02 OCD Bulletin Board System (13 Collected)01:01

World Of Goo 4-02 OCD Bulletin Board System (13 Collected)


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