(BombMini / BombShaft)
First appearance Burning Man
Color Dark gray/light black
Abilities Flammable
Max attachments Eight
Not to be confused with the detachable Sticky Bomb.

Bombs are a species of Goo in the video game World of Goo. They are only found in the levels Burning Man and Upper Shaft. In both levels, they will explode upon contact fire, and can thus use Red Goo as a sort of fuse. Unlike the Sticky Bomb, they cannot be moved by the player. Loose Goo Balls don't travel along the attachments of Bombs.


  • They are used to blow things up


  • Bombs in Burning Man look different from the one found in Upper Shaft but behave pretty much in the same way. However, the one in Upper Shaft is larger, has eyes and is attached to 7 special Goo Balls which behave similar to Red Goo.