Volcanic Percolator Day Spa

Airflows are stage elements found occasionally in World of Goo. They are first encountered in Impale Sticky of Chapter 1. They can envelop most of the level like winds in Blustery Day and Bulletin Board System, or have local influence like in a tunnels in The Red Carpet and Genetic Sorting Machine. Airflows act as an environmental force and can be stronger than gravity, as seen in Bulletin Board System.



Air has the most common flow, found in tunnels and certain parts of levels where the game has to move the structure or Goo the player is using. Airflows cannot be seen, but when a Goo is traveling in one, it is noticeable. Take, for example, the Beauty Goo from Beauty and the Electric Tentacle. When it takes the secret passage by going backwards off the line, it travels on an airflow through the air, and then into a tunnel. While flying, the Goo's shape warps slightly.


Water can have a flow too which can be proved when dragging a Goo Ball to the left side of the level in Impale Sticky or Welcoming Unit.


Slightly different from airflows, lava flows are usually found when a Beauty Goo needs to be moved. Volcanic Percolator Day Spa and The Red Carpet both have lava flows going upwards. Normally at the top of a lava flow there are gears to break apart the large Beauty Goo.